Smarter Media operate with a clear focus on customer results. We believe that as well as our own social media channels and Google rankings, our customers are our other key form of marketing. We love it when our customers talk about us!

If our customers are satisfied then they will speak volumes of the service we provide. Delivering results for you is what matters.

Our dedicated team of professionals strive to achieve excellence in three areas. Social Media, through the telling of your brands story, Search Engine Optimisation, by correct optimisation in line with Google’s best practice guidelines, and Content Writing by creating unique and relevant text based content. Combine all three and the results will certainly speak for themselves...

Social Media

How social is your business? Every business has a great story to tell and what better way to interact and engage your targeted and loyal customers than through social media.

With more and more people spending more and more time online each and every day this is an ideal place to capture their attention and secure their custom.

Solutions for your business from just £250 per month.

SEO services in Swindon by Smarter Search


Is your business targeting the right search phrases? Are your competitors taking market share through better search rankings? These are real problems most businesses face.

Smarter Search is the specialist SEO division of Smarter Media Ltd. We offer some of the most cost effective, yet results proven solutions to clients of all sizes throughout the UK.

Prices start from just £300 per month.

Content writing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Content is King! If your business isn’t benefiting from the fantastic opportunity that regular content creates then it is time to get onboard!

The addition of regular, relevant and unique content being added to your website will increase the flow of targeted visitors, increase time on site and also add weight to increasing your rankings. Don't forget, content is king!

We can create your blog content from just 7p per word.

 Prices displayed above exclude VAT.
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